Women's Environmental Network - Bay Area

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About Us

Mission: To foster a strong community of women and enhance stewardship of the environment through networking and career development.

Vision: A healthy environment and a sustainable world.

Values: A collaborative balance between the environment, economy and equity, and a greater engagement of the community at large on environmental issues.

The San Francisco Bay Area Women's Environmental Network (WEN) has been in existence since the early 1990s and was incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 1997. The primary function of the organization is to provide education and networking for professional women in the environmental field in the Bay Area, as well as to produce a regular newsletter. WEN's 1,200+ community members use each other as resources for information and learning about environmental fields, best practices, and career development. Just as the definition of the word “environmental” is fairly broad, the WEN membership reflects a wide range of interests and professions.

Our volunteer board (we have no staff) is now looking beyond maintenance of our regular networking and education functions to seek new ways to expand member services and further strengthen our community ties. One program we hope to focus on is a mentor matching program that would enable us to foster young peoples' interest in preserving and protecting the environment and to encourage them to enter the environmental field. We also hope to work towards creating a more comprehensive and information-rich website, that will serve as a touchstone for women who are interested in becoming environmental stewards. If you have any interest in these areas, please let us know!

The WEN community works for a healthy and sustainable environment and we seek to educate and engage the greater community about these issues. We hope you'll join us in our mission!