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About Us

AIP Foundation’s Mission

AIP Foundation’s mission is to provide life-saving road safety knowledge and skills to low- and middle-income countries with the goal of preventing road crash fatalities and injuries.

Our Vision

A world in which there are safer roads, smarter road users, and countries whose road environments serve their developing economies and people.

A world in which private corporations, governments, and the public sector collaborate to effect sustainable change in the field of road safety.

A world in which individuals are empowered and educated to make intelligent decisions about their safety and security when in a vehicle—as either a driver or a passenger.

 Why is AIP Foundation unique?

  • AIP Foundation employs proven solutions to a global epidemic that kills more people each year than malaria worldwide. Through our experience in Vietnam, we have developed both grassroots and nationwide programs that target the key challenges to helmet use and traffic safety awareness.
  • With a strong history of multi-sector collaboration, AIP Foundation implements programs and heads initiatives that engage public, private, and government road safety stakeholders. This ensures complex and inclusive interventions that target several aspects of road safety at the same time.
  • We have extensive local knowledge and expertise, and partner with local NGOs and companies around the world to ensure that all of our programs are culturally appropriate and address the road safety needs of the population.

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