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About Us


Women of all ages should be empowered to determine the course of their own lives—especially when it comes to basic human rights like food, water, health, education, environment, and security. Working with partners, New Course will connect women with these vital resources through sustainable development and natural-resource management. Together, we'll help improve their well-being, as well as the health and welfare of their families and communities.

Core Values:

Transparency: New Course holds its employees and partners to the highest standard of integrity and accountability. Ask anything, and we’ll give you an honest answer.

Inclusion: Everyone, everywhere has the ability to make a difference. Every dollar counts. Every voice counts. Every idea will be heard and considered.

Equality: New Course does not discriminate—period. We demand that our employees and partners engage with respect and consideration.

Passion: Everyone associated with New Course shares a similar enthusiasm and commitment. Give us all you’ve got—we promise you the same.

Courage: There are battles to be fought. Let’s make the world a better place together—without fear. Game on.