Himilo Relief and Development Association

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About Us

HIRDA stands for Himilo Relief and Development Association. Himilo means “vision” in Somali. HIRDA is a non-profit organization founded at The Hague in 1998 by members of the Somali Diaspora in the Netherlands. HIRDA works with other organizations to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering in Somalia, particularly the South and Central regions.

In addition, HIRDA acts as a bridge between local communities and international donor organizations and mobilizes the Diaspora to engage in the development of their country of origin. Since its formation, HIRDA has become one of the leading migrant organizations in the Netherlands working on development issues.

HIRDA envisions a Somalia where:

  • communities live in harmony and benefit from adequate healthcare and food and water security
  • boys and girls have equal access to quality basic education and parents are involved in their children’s education
  • the young generation is free to think and speak their minds
  • women have equal opportunities to participate in political decision-making
  • processes, to earn their own livings, and access to information resources in order to make informed decisions regarding their financial independency, safety, health, and other social needs
  • the civil society organizations act as empowering and autonomous organizations and are taken seriously by decision-makers, not oppressed by political influential groups
  • the development in the Horn of Africa is stimulated by long-term and successful North-South partnerships

The core of HIRDA’s mission is to improve the well-being of the needy people living in Somalia through the:

  • Creation of equal educational opportunities for boys and girls
  • Promotion of gender equality and women empowerment
  • Mobilization of relief services for refugees and people in disaster areas
  • Promotion of income-generating activities
  • Promotion of intercommunity social engagements
  • Mobilizing the Diaspora in the development of the region

HIRDA’s values are founded on its commitment to the people of Somalia and the motivation to succeed in improving the region, while maintaining an open mind regarding the variety of methods of achieving this success. The organization is politically neutral and does not discriminate. These values are reflected in the organization’s strategy and by the organization’s staff and management team.

HIRDA shares its capacities, knowledge and experience with other migrant organizations in order to develop a strong Diaspora network for migration and Somali development.