The American City Coalition

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2136-2140 Washington Street
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About Us

The American City Coalition (TACC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing neighborhood revitalization in areas of concentrated poverty. We advance integrated approaches that respond to both place-based and people-based need; we drive public and private resources to work on behalf of low-income residents in underserved neighborhoods. The result is accelerated community transformation and improved quality of life for residents.

Working with a range of partners from community-based organizations and educational institutions to private-sector developers, we provide ongoing technical support to multiple entities within a single neighborhood.

Our collaborative approach prioritizes objective research and the expertise of local stakeholders. Through active collaboration, we bring together public and private stakeholders to facilitate communication and shape a common agenda and shared vision. Through research, we develop data and resources that we share with stakeholders. This approach helps communities prioritize needs, form effective strategies, and accelerate transformation.

Our Services

We work to strengthen neighborhoods so that urban families flourish by providing services that bring lasting solutions to complex problems. Our core services include:

Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration: By supporting the planning and pre-development needs of multiple stakeholders within a single neighborhood, we identify opportunities and bring partners together to develop a common agenda and shared vision.

Community Planning: Our community planning studies provide in-depth analysis of a neighborhood’s need and potential strategies for change. Utilized by governmental agencies (planning commissions, housing authorities, and elected officials) and private-sector developers, these studies connect major revitalization entities to the interests of all stakeholders.

Economic Development: As an objective participant in neighborhood transformation, we develop strategies that help alter the business environment to attract and retain businesses that will strengthen communities.

Supportive Services Strategies: We bring innovative program models to residents of both mixed-income and public housing in distressed neighborhoods. From workforce training to community safety, we design programs that connect individuals with quality education and the mainstream economy.