Life Frames, Inc. & A Living Library

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About Us

Life Frames, Inc. is a leading-edge, national/international, environmental and educational nonprofit, dedicated to integrating community resources and creating transformative, ecological and multicultural learning landscapes with integrated hands-on, interdisciplinary community programs and standards-based curricula (PreK-College).

Each place-based transformed environment incorporates local resourcs - human, ecological, economic, historic, technological, aesthetic - seen through the lens of time - past, present, future. Each is called A Living Library & Think Park.

A Living Library, or A.L.L. for short, links systems: biological, cultural, technological.

A Goal is to develop Branch Living Library & Think Parks locally and globally, linked through Green Powered Digital Gateways, so we can learn of diverse cultures and ecologies and share commonalities and diversities - near and far.

We are Cultivating the Human & Ecological Garden !