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About Us

As the years are passing by, and we do not become any younger, it would be very helpful if a group of people, NGO etc. could actually come over here and create our project "Paraiso 2000" for us, this way there would be no monetary transaction from our helpers. Once the good work has been completed, hand the entire Project over to our NGO so that we can carry on from there, expanding our Project as well as taking care of its maintenance, and have interested people visit the new ecological site. The Project can easily be a sustainable project as explained on our web site.

At present we are still awaiting help, in order to acquire some non inhabited desert coastal land from our Government, which thanks to our NGO, has now been declared a Natural Protected Area. Our project is in the Arequipa, Peru region, way out in the middle of no where! What peace and tranquility!

Alternative: A good alternative, would be for a private Agriculture Farmer and or an Industrial Agricultural Company to plant large areas of well known productive trees, trees which would yield a very good return for the investor, such the well known Tara (Caesalpina Spinosa) which grows very well in the area we have in mind, it has a good world market demand.

There is also another highly productive tree, the Jojoba ( Simmondsia Chinensis ) which also grows very well in our Desert area, producing a very high quality oil, also has a good world market demand.

This will probably be our final update, unless of course, our project actually receives help from outsiders. We think that Idealist have been very kind to us, having us on their site for such a long time for which we are very grateful.

Arequipa, 20th. April 2009.