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Our Goals and Projects

First Nations Outreach Project Programs

1. To provide Out Reach Programs that will help to solidify the First Nations Communities culturally, economically, socially, and educationally. Many First Nations People are leaving the Reservations to find work that will better provide for their families. As a result, the children of these families often lose touch with their culture, language, history and spirituality. It is our hope to develop programs that will keep them connected to their Tribes.

2. To provide funding to other organizations which provide services to First Nations Communities. Health Programs, Educational Programs, Cultural programs, Spiritual Programs.

3. To develop community Relations. We seek to develop unity between the many Nations and to create an understanding of the similarities in Spiritual and cultural beliefs among as many Nations as possible.

4. To share with the public in general, the importance of the connection that Humans have with a) The Earth b) The Creatures of the Earth c) Each Other through programs provided by those authorized by each of the representative Nations.

Programs designed and established under the guidance of Tribal Elders from different Nations will help to prevent Traditional Spirituality from being used by others to deceive people and to reduce the trust between Nations, as well as between Indians on and off the reservations.

5. To properly connect disconnected Indians who need guidance with Tribal Teachers and Elders. We hope to develop social programs that will help Indians outside the circle to learn from those who are able to share the Traditional ways, as well as encourage those on Reservations that have become disconnected from Tradition to find Spiritual Strength in their Culture. And to restore Self Esteem to many who have lost their identities in a new world society.

6. To assess the needs and develop what ever methods are required that will help to fill the needs of First Nations Communities. We seek to assess the needs of each Nation, as each Nations needs vary. By doing so we feel that the spiritual, economic and social needs of each community will be best served for that individual community.