Cures Within Reach

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About Us

Cures Within Reach improves patient quality and length of life through repurposing research, testing existing drugs and devices to create treatments for unsolved diseases.  Cures is the only disease agnostic philanthropy targeting repurposing research as a fast-track to patient impact.  Compared to creating a new treatment from scratch, repurposing is fast and affordable, leveraging the existing safety data and knowledge so that treatments can be created for patients in need.   

Founded in 2005 as Partnership for Cures, Cures Within Reach has always been interested in medical research that could tangibly improve clinical care, and in 2010 committed to repurposing.  Cures has a history of sourcing, vetting, funding and stewarding repurposing medical research that has resulted in 12 treatments in clinical use today.  

In 2015, Cures launched CureAccelerator, the world's first online, interactive platform dedicated to repurposing research.  By connecting researchers, clinicians, funders and the biomedical industry, CureAccelerator will help drive more treatments to more patients more quickly.  Learn more at