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About Us

WOMENS WAY is the leading grantmaking, public education, and advocacy organization for women and girls in the Greater Philadelphia area.

For 36 years, WOMEN'S WAY has courageously taken positions on cutting-edge issues relating to women and girls. Our work has been uniquely strategic and effective – engaging and convening people from all walks of life to create a truly collective and Powerful Voice for Women.

We know that women and girls need us right now. Too many are still unsafe in their own communities; some are victims of sex trafficking, sexual assault, or domestic violence; many lack access to education and employment opportunities; and many cannot afford quality child care, health care, or adequate housing.

Fortunately, WOMEN’S WAY is in a unique position to tackle the region’s most pressing problems by leveraging grantmaking, public education, and advocacy initiatives to respond directly to community needs. Each year, WOMEN’S WAY supports vital agencies through strategic grantmaking while also advocating for policies that positively impact the lives of more than 200,000 women and their families. In addition, we conduct public education campaigns to promote better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing women and their families.