Executive Preparatory Academy Charter School

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100 E 49th St
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance is a Los Angeles based public charter high school whose mission is to help close the financial literacy gap within the minority community.

Our Mission

Inner City Outreach is 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance, a Los Angeles based public charter high school with a focus on closing the financial literacy gap within the minority community. Executive Prep Academy’s mission is to provide a high-quality and extensive college-preparatory educational experience to youth that results in our students succeeding in college, and ultimately in their professional careers. EPA is a response to the increasing high-school dropout rates and the declining college matriculation rate of Los Angeles inner city youth. While many of our students live in low socio-economic communities and have Math and English skills that are below grade level, we are continuously committed to preparing all of our students for college and life. Executive Prep’s goal is to educate the students of this community on the importance of proper money management, wealth building and investment to ensure a successful life. Not only will this benefit the student, but also their families and communities — thus terminating the generational cycle of poverty.

Our Philosophy

We aim to create an encouraging educational atmosphere that promotes high self-esteem and academic success. We hold our students accountable by encouraging them to know and understand their purpose in our school, in their community; in their country and ultimately in the world they create for themselves.