The Institute for Faithful Research

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San Diego

United States

About Us

The Institute for Faithful Research's mission is tow fold:

(1) To research and publish on underdeveloped areas in various academic disciplines that are significant to the Christian worldview;

(2) To provide seminars, academic consulting, and workshops for educators, churches, and the general public.

We do this in order to enrich the Christian worldview, serve our community, and glorify God.

We are a Christian research Institute. The Institute is not limited to only a few particular fields (e.g. Theology, Philosophy, and History). We believe that every field has an important role in a worldview. While some who hold to the Christian worldview may not know about certain aspects of it those aspects are still important to the worldview. Some may not know what progressive creationism is or that there is a view called theist evolution. But these options to the Christian are part of the general Christian worldview.

While it is obvious that there many philosophical and theological ideas that are directly related to the development of the Christian worldview many other fields are extremely important too. For example, psychology, literature, sociology, linguistics, biology and other theories have key roles in building worldview that are extremely important for Christian scholars to develop. At the Institute we want a scholar in every major field actively researching and publishing in support of Christianity.

We also want to help educate the general public about what we are doing. We are starting to teach courses at various churches and organizations; we are expanding our online presence with videos, podcasts, and other online educational tools. We want to be both a scholarly organization that contributes to Christian worldview development as well as an excellent resource for people wanting to know more about God and grow closer to Him.