The Way Home Campaign to End Chronic Homelessness in DC

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1020 Monroe Street NW
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About Us

The Way Home is a campaign to end chronic homelessness in the District of Columbia by 2017.

On any given night in the District, there are nearly 1,800 individuals and families living on the streets and in shelters who are considered chronically homeless – they have been homeless for years and struggle with significant issues like mental illness and chronic health conditions. These are our most vulnerable residents.

As first step toward ending all chronic homelessness, we urge DC to end veteran chronic homelessness by the end of 2015, joining the ranks of Phoenix and Salt Lake City to be one of the first communities to end chronic homelessness among veterans by the federal goal of 2015.

The Way Home believes that the District of Columbia has the resources, creativity, and ability to end chronic homelessness. This is a vital step in our greater efforts to end homelessness in our community.