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Threads of Peru is a nonprofit organization that connects the world to handmade treasures of Peru, helping to preserve ancient craft techniques and empower indigenous artisans.

Threads of Peru educates the world about the unique beauty and cultural significance of the Quechua people and their textile traditions through our website, community tours, and international sales. In so doing, we promote sustainable solutions for economic and social development that contribute to the health, education and well-being of indigenous weavers and their families.

Aside from minimal administration and operations costs, all profits from textile sales are reinvested in the communities themselves, focusing on projects such as weaving capacitation and skill-building, business and administrative skill-building, family planning and nutrition, self-organization and cultural exchange.

Important for all applicants!

When reviewing applications we follow these general guidelines:

  • Acknowledge that we have received your application 
  • If short-listed, solicit answers to a written set of interview questions
  • Request an interview over Skype if we feel you are a good candidate.
  • If all goes well, offer you a position (start date may be negotiable)
  • You arrive in beautiful Cusco! Our team will meet you at the airport, help you settle in and get started on an amazing adventure in Peru!