Center for Conflict Studies at Monterey Institute, a Graduate School of Middlebury College

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About Us

As a research center at the Monterey Institute, we seek to provide holistic training to our students. To be future leaders of change in this world, our students will learn from a variety of sources. As such, our mission is:

To gather, disseminate, and act upon knowledge gained through:

(a) providing a platform where the voices of all, but especially those of the marginalized, oppressed, and unprivileged, are heard;

(b) exchanging information and ideas between the community of scholars and the community of practitioners working on issues of conflict and peace;

(c) supporting and participating in individual, community, institutional, and national efforts to end violence and build peace;

and thus, to better manage and resolve conflicts and simultaneously contribute to the furthering and strengthening of the field of conflict studies.