Peace and Education Foundation

  • Islamabad

About Us

Peace and Education Foundation dedicates its efforts for building capacity of civil society and empowering religious actors to play a critical role in preventing the spread of intolerance and violence that stems from inappropriate use of religion through educational enhancement for effective and sustainable peace-building. Since 2009 PEF through its capacity-building and community engagement programs have successfully engaged and trained more than 13,000 community leaders, mostly from religious sector. The impact of PEF programs has reached approximately 2,502,000 individuals from religious community, civil society and education sector.

PEF alumni are also initiating numerous interventions within their communities to promote narratives of reconciliation. They continue to develop various peace and tolerance-building programs, facilitate educational enhancement initiatives, and establishing a sustainable mechanisms to protect embattled minority communities from extremist violence in the most vulnerable and conflict-affected areas in Pakistan.