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What makes us different is that our customers have the option of being a part of designing, implementing and being in what could be our collective version of a Sustainable Utopia.

Lets quit telling China all of the things they are doing wrong environmentally. It was American Big Business that went over there because the labor and environmental laws were less restrictive. We are still over there polluting and they are just repeating that which we taught them.

China took a great leap in the right direction building one of MBDC Cradle To Cradle Cities. How many other countries have been so bold as to create a Green City? Unfortunately neither MBDC nor China could see that their problem was the answer. The Chinese were complaining that every home had a garage and only a very small percentage of the Chinese had cars. The Chinese were farmers they needed farms not garages. Here is where I am a little disappointed; no one thought to convert the garages into greenhouses, the problem is the answer! We had better at least learn from our mistake so that something so close to perfect does not go to waste again.

I see the potential of what we can be. I see all of the things that hold us back including ourselves. We only get in our own way after we were failed in guidance or education. There are many fingers to point and after a certain point even though you don’t know, that finger also points back at you. So rather than waste more time and energy on the effect lets focus on the causes. Just as in medicine, we need much more focus to be on preventative measures. Everyone treated like a professional athlete. Everyone treated like a scholar. Everyone treated as if they have unlimited potential.

In Bhutan every child is treated as a blessing. They measure their Gross National Happiness. I think we should start caring about the Gross Global Happiness and treating everyone as if they were a blessing with unlimited potential. Create so much food that the excess can be used for Ethanol and Ethanol Byproducts. No one should ever want for anything needed to survive or thrive, no one!

Everyone should have:

Positive reinforcement Free Equal Education Free Equal Healthcare Free Clean Drinking Water The ability to grow your own produce year around in your own greenhouse Time to raise your family Time to live Time to exercise as much as we should Time for continued education Time to know what is going on in the world Time to get involved where you want to get involved Time to research all that we vote on Time to research that which is determined for us Time to help where help is needed Time to breathe and have balance or peace of mind

Much more is not included but we together will define that which is important to us with the ability to change it any time we see fit.

Now that the dream of an African American President has been fulfilled, I have a new dream. Lets once again Lead By Example. Lets do nothing but the right thing for the right reasons. Lets Share knowledge, manpower and goodwill. Building Cradle To Cradle everything Homes, Businesses and Products.

If we do this correctly, everyone focusing their energy towards the greater good and in doing so receive at least the right amount of positive reinforcement. We can heal the planet, its economy. After all of this work side by side on all sides, we can choose to sustain our Global Kinship. Global Kinship is the only thing that is sustainable for this planet and all of its inhabitants. Not just for the obvious reasons, also because we might not have much time left to act.

Right now everything is changing. So lets all be a part of that change to ensure that it goes in the direction it should. 0% waste is not even good enough. We need to undo a great deal of damage. We cannot do that while we continue to damage the planet faster than we can heal it.

Right now you have a choice. You can either:

Choose to do nothing and give a hollow apology to the generations to come. Although keep in mind with this option there is also the possibilities of the end of man or nearly being wiped off of the planet.


You can act, be a part of the change and those who come after us will know which generation to thank possibly even some by name. People dream of leaving something behind that will outlive them. What better memorial to YOU than the planet itself.

What makes us different is that our customers have the option of being a part of designing, implementing and being in what could be our collective version of a Sustainable Utopia.

Lets quit telling China all of the things they are doing wrong…

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