Society of Young Korean Americans

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About Us

Established in 2011, the Society of Young Korean Americans (SYKA) is an organization and an association of individuals, individual businesses, corporations, community organizations, and other organizations in the greater Philadelphia region. Its mission is to bring the peoples of Korea and the United States closer together in understanding and in appreciation of cultural differences through cooperation in a better understanding of different business, cultural, social, educational and political practices and customs of Korea and the United States.

SYKA, the first Korean American, Society of Young Korean Americans for Philadelphia and beyond, embodies the arts, culture, and language of all Korean people.

We collectively, as an organization help the disgenerational gaps that exist between Koreans and Korean Americans and we help Americans overcome cultural barriers that exist between Americans and Koreans.

We impact immigrant families by helping their children adjust to American life through teaching them English and through mentorship. So through, culture, dialogue, resource sharing, and conversational exchange, we help bridge cultural and disgenerational gaps or barriers while promoting unity and volunteerism in the Korean community.

We also offer legal assistance referrals as well as offer interpretation and translation assistance.