Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island

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85 Taft Ave
United States

About Us

The Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island educates students in millennia of Jewish tradition, knowledge, and values and provides comprehensive general education skills and tools. We are committed to building a vibrant Jewish future by creating an inseparable bond with the past and engaging fully with the modern world.

Drawing from a diversity of backgrounds and observances of Judaism, the School is committed to the principle of Klal Yisrael – the community of all Jews. It emphasizes mutual respect for deeply held differing beliefs and worldviews. The school is also devoted to equal participation of boys and girls in all aspects of the school’s intellectual and communal life.

We aim to speak a shared language of core Jewish values and commitments, acknowledging that we strive to live in the presence of God, and to express those core values through Torah and mitzvot, learning and doing.

The school focuses on academic excellence in both general and Judaic studies, encouraging creativity and critical thinking in an atmosphere of Jewish ethics and morality. Our curriculum weaves together ancient and modern texts, Jewish and general studies into an integrated whole.

We are committed to the intellectual, physical, moral, emotional, and spiritual health and growth of our students. We help students develop a strong Jewish identity in order for them to fulfill their diverse potential.