About Us is an independent, Wiki-based open travel guide, designed to give you...

  • practical, useful tips from travellers like you
  • real-world perspectives on the people and customs of the destinations you visit
  • guidance on travelling responsibly
  • a place to share your knowledge with travellers who visit the places you love

You see, we believe that travel is just as much about people as it is about places. And that when you connect and participate with the people in their culture, environment, and concerns, the places come alive.

We speak from experience! The team is made up of travellers from 10 nations. We practice living and travelling responsibly on a daily basis, both in our personal lives and in our professional work. And we make it our business to learn more about sustainable travel every day.

What does this mean, exactly? We invite you to explore your world with a new perspective:

  • travelling with minimal impact to the planet...
  • helping local craftspeople and farmers through fair-trade shopping...
  • making meaningful connections with the people you encounter....
  • exploring the world around you as an informed participant. is your tool for planning and sharing your adventures, whether you are travelling to Greenland or Tierra Del Fuego, Galway or Auckland. Each journey becomes an opportunity to explore and take part in a new culture and environment..

Join us. And see your world with new eyes.