Cause Effective

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505 8th Avenue
Suite 1212
New York
United States

About Us

Cause Effective is a New York-based nonprofit that supports other nonprofits in developing effective and strategic fundraising and governance practices. Over the past 35 years we have guided more than 6,000 community-based nonprofit organizations – large and small – to break new ground and build a sustainable future. We help nonprofits raise more money, deepen their relationships with donors, and build stronger boards of directors so they can achieve long-term community-based change. Our work has a deep commitment – but is not limited – to the grassroots social justice sector. 

We advise over 100 clients per year, reaching over a thousand more annually through workshops and publications. Cause Effective’s work has a tremendous impact in a range of diverse communities because we assess and respect the unique challenges of each client while maintaining our focus on strengthening the organization’s immediate and long-term ability to raise funds and friends.