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About Us

Unfortunately, not all kids have the opportunity to be involved in organized sports. For those who dream of hitting a home run, blocking the puck from a goal, scoring the winning shot and simply ‘taking one for the team’, it's all possible through KidSport. For a happier and healthier lifestyle for Alberta kids, KidSport is here to make a difference. 

KidSport Alberta is a part of a national-not-for-profit organization, providing financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids 18 and under. We serve all communities across Alberta, with the strong belief that no kid should be left on the sidelines. Our organization provides the opportunity for every kid in Alberta to experience the positive benefits of organized sport. 

Over KidSport Alberta’s 20 year history, our legacy of support has grown exponentially, reaching totals 100x the amount distributed in 1995. Last year was another record year, up 32% for funding support $1,907,045, assisting 8,363 kids, 17% increase, was distributed across Alberta. The forecasting for 2015 will see support to over 9000 kids and $2,500,000 will be invested into Alberta’s youth and sport programs across the province. To date these funds have primarily been given through both donations and sponsorships.