Oasis Center

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1704 Charlotte Ave
Suite 200
United States

About Us

Our vision is to live in a world where all young people are safe, valued, connected to caring adults; and are prepared for productive and fulfilling lives. We believe that progress is made toward this goal when we develop and encourage perspectives based on hope, a vision of what is possible, and the courage to act.

The youth that come to Oasis Center come for many reasons, from crisis to opportunity. Regardless of why or how they come, or what program or activity they may engage in, our goals for each of youth are the same. These are Oasis Center’s four Impact Areas.

1.Safety: Youth thrive when they are emotionally and physically secure. 2.Signifcance and Belonging: Youth thrive when they experience significance, belonging, and positive connection to the community. 3.Participation and Empowerment: Youth thrive when they make decisions and take direct action to improve their lives. 4.Generosity and Justice: Youth thrive when they live generously and work for justice. For all youth in every Oasis program, improvement in these four impact areas is the yardstick by which we measure our success.