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About Us

Good Neighbors USA is a public benefit nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization in Los Angeles, California, established in October 2005 as a subsidiary of Good Neighbors International. Good Neighbors is an international humanitarian development NGO in General Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council). Good Neighbors takes an active part in the global call to action against poverty as a representative organization, and participates in the movement to eradicate poverty through the aid of worldwide development NGOs. Good Neighbors currently operates projects in 26 field countries, with more than 120 project sites in third world countries, 26 project sites in North Korea, and in 40 field offices consisting of 70 project sites in South Korea, and with USA, Japan and Switzerland as supporting countries, with the annual budget of 2009 at approximately $48M, with 1,500 employees worldwide, a total of 12,000 volunteers, and 350,000 individual donors.