The Project Africa

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Paseo Jesús Santos Rein

About Us

Project Africa is World biggest reconstruction project of Africas poorest countries. We will introduce a complete new economy and build up a new high tech infrastructure in the country. We will changes it from poor to productive and wealthy country. We will do it in a way that leaders will like and accept it..

Dubai was built in no where, Dubai is maybe the greatest city on earth. This show that nothing is impossible. On our website we show some of the latest technology to do this!

All will have work, living, food and water more than they can use. All will be free for the country!

We will build up free zones for people to work and live in. We will build up tourist areas with latest high tech hotels with all people can dream off. Thanks to our economical reform and use a mixt of Swiss and Swedish economical structure in Blockchain economy will make all ready served on the table.

Today 230 Million people in Africa do not have food on the table, thousands die every day because of no food or water. Most part of aid organizations money never goes to the people that need them.

Project Africa is here to make a final end of it! There will not be any need for any aid organizations any more, at least not in Africa.. Lets make Africa great again.