Kabataang Gabay sa Positibong Pamumuhay

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About Us

The Kabataang Gabay sa Positibong Pamumuhay is an association of male survivors and victims of prostitution, pornography, the trade of illicit drugs, organized crime and exploitative labor in the Philippines. The groups is known for its survivor engagement and youth-led strategies in combating human trafficking and addressing the health, psycho-social and legal consequences of exploitation such as sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS and violence in transactional and intimate relationships among its members and beneficiaires.

Founded in May 18, 1998 in Veterans Village in Iloilo City and was formalized as a peer support group for OSYs during the Peer Counselling for Positive Lifestyle Promotion program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development in May 1999 in Nueva Valencia Guimaras. Became autonomous in the year 2003 through the National Youth Commission National Youth Registration Program and registered as a non-stock non-profit organization in July 17, 2004 at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Since its founding, it persistently seeks to respond to the needs of boys and men who are victims of violence that are neglected due to the strong cultural norms that consider their victimization a rite of passage to manhood and the double standards and unfair treatment that blames them of the crimes and clandestine behaviors they are involved with that are perpetrated by those who take advantage of their vulnerability and voicelessness.