Morristown Neighborhood House of New Jersey

  • NJ


12 Flagler Street
United States

About Us

Morristown Neighborhood House was founded in 1898. At that time, concerned citizens wanted to establish an agency that would assist Italian immigrants in becoming acclimated to a new culture. In 1901, a building located on Flagler Street was donated to the founding committee to house the program. Neighborhood House has remained in the same location for more than 100 years. Our core mission, assisting new immigrants and low income families to achieve self sufficiency, has stayed consistent throughout our history.

On an average day, approximately 500 children and youth receive services from Neighborhood House. Currently, the agency provides the following services:

a. Preschool childcare; b. Before and after school childcare; c. Structured homework assistance; d. A computer lab; e. Recreation enrichment; f. Summer program.

Throughout Neighborhood House's history, the community has experienced shifts in its ethnic makeup. For approximately three decades, the majority of Neighborhood House's clients were African American. Less than ten years ago, African-Americans comprised nearly 80% of the clients served by Neighborhood House. Today, African-Americans represent less than 30% whereas Hispanics/Latinos represent approximately 70% of clients served.