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129 Centerway
United States

About Us

The Old Greenbelt Theatre is a single screen movie theatre located in the heart of Greenbelt, Maryland. Completed in 1938, the Old Greenbelt Theatre is an iconic building in Greenbelt, MD, a federally planned New-Deal-era community. The core of Old Greenbelt was declared a National Historic District in 1997, with the Theatre a prominent reminder of a bygone era of cinema as well as a living institution whose values of community service and collective responsibility continue to be pertinent and valuable.

Our mission is to provide an alternative to the multiplex film experience and be a center for film culture in Prince George's County. We aim to maximize the theatre's potential as both an economic and cultural driver by creating a vibrant programing schedule of independent, art house, repertory, and educational content through film series, classes, events, and festivals.