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More than 46 million Americans are living in poverty and the number has been increasing each year over the last four years. In addition to state and federal social service programs, thousands of charities work ceaselessly to alleviate the challenges faced by the America's poor and to prevent people in the US from slipping into poverty.


American Giving is getting ready to launch an online donation marketplace that will connect donors to the projects helping the poor across the United States. Global Giving lists projects providing global aid, Kiva helps individuals through microloans. American Giving will be the first website to list American focused projects related to children and family, crime prevention, disaster recovery, education, the elderly, food security, health, homelessness, human trafficking, hunger, immigration, legal issues, maternal infant health, mental illness, public safety, refugees, sovereign nations, substance abuse and woman and girls.

American Giving is a social purpose corporation seeking interns and consultants. Come back and visit for job postings and project updates.