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About Us

The rise of social networking sites and increasing usage of online communications may seem to be the greatest innovation of the 21st century, but cyber bullying is a growing problem that has gone unaddressed in our society today. Over 85% of teenage online users have reported that they have been a victim of cyber bullying, and over 90% of these victims will not inform a parent or trusted adult of their abuse.

But what’s the solution? The End to Cyber Bullying (ETCB) Organization was founded to deal with just that. Our mission: to raise awareness throughout our global community, and to mobilize our youth, educators, parents, and others in taking efforts to end cyber bullying. We must work together to create a global social networking arena where all users and our future generations can feel safe.

What originally started off as a small grassroots movement in New York, USA has grown into one of the largest youth initiatives in the world. Using the Internet for its greater purpose, we have reached and brought together over 2.5 million individuals across the globe. The Internet is our outlet to share and celebrate our differences, not to tear and break each other down. How can you help? By joining the world wide movement to end cyber bullying TODAY! Give a voice to those victims that have been bullied into silence! As individuals we cannot accomplish much, but together we can make a difference!