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About Us

Riverside After Adoption Consulting & Training (AACT)

Riverside After Adoption Consulting & Training (AACT) provides support services for the adoption process and post adoption. Our mission is to help children feel safe, seen and valued as they adjust to the challenges of moving from one family to another.

Critical to our philosophy is an understanding that adoption, post adoption, and other life-altering family changes are not isolated events, but part of a life-long process. Through decades of experience in the adoption field, Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao (Director of Riverside After Adoption Consulting & Training) has developed an array of services to address the many stages in the continuum of care post adoption. Dr. Maguire Pavao and our other experienced clinicians understand the interactions and needs of complex blended families, and provide the skills, tools, and talent required to build stronger and healthier families.

Our Services

Consultation and Coaching:

  • For adoptive families, complex blended families, and birth families, both before and after adoption to clarify issues and identify options and resources.
  • For clinicians and other professionals working with complex blended families who may need guidance with special issues (i.e. disruption, adolescent issues, search, openness, etc.) and seek training and supervision pertaining to adoption.

Therapeutic Consultation and Coaching: For individuals, couples, and families where issues after adoption are part of the picture.

Training, Supervision, and Case Consultation: For therapists, private and public agencies, hospitals, residential treatment centers, lawyers, judges, educators, clergy, and others who work with the complex family system.

Community Consultation and Education: For community resource groups such as clinics, schools, and agencies. Training can be provided through workshops, seminars, and conferences.

For more information please contact

Mary Limerick at 617.547.0909 or

mlimerick@riversidecc.org/ kinnect@gmail.com