Asian Contemporary Arts Consortium

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San Francisco
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About Us

Founded in June 2010, the Asian Contemporary Arts Consortium in San Francisco (ACAC-SF) is a not-for-profit coalition dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding, to building audiences and to promoting and sustaining interest in Asian contemporary arts and design in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

By joining efforts in resource sharing, ACAC-SF serves as a platform to create collaborative opportunities between members of the Asian contemporary arts and design communities, including artists, designers, architects, curators, educators, scholars, museum directors, critics, patrons and collectors. Through various formats of events and programs, ACAC-SF supports and contributes to artistic and design practices and strengthens the infrastructure for disseminating the works for both established and emerging artists and designers. ACAC-SF also facilitates the interactions and exchanges of contemporary Asian arts and design communities between San Francisco / the Bay Area and Asia.

ACAC-SF is an independent and autonomous organization; however, it is not an incorporated entity. Currently, California College of the Arts acts as the fiscal sponsor for the Consortium’s activities. The ACAC-SF office is housed in the office complex on 80 Carolina Street at CCA’s San Francisco campus. ACAC-SF is affiliated with the Asian Contemporary Art Consortium in New York City, which was established in 2001 and has been sponsored by the Asia Society.