Quixote Project


R. Coronel Lisboa, 713
São Paulo


About Us

Quixote Project aims to create pragmatic alternatives to everyday challenges in brazilian street children's lives; such as drug abuse, violence and lack of ties or positive role models. We assist children and teenagers, instruct professionals and develop research, as well as build a network of coordinated actions with other projects. Up to now, more than 4000 children and teenagers have been assisted, almost 500 each month. The pediatric, psychiatric and psychological departments are closely related with the pedagogical and social service, as well as the legal assistance. More than 3000 professionals had been trained by Quixote's staff. In 2008, it was awarded the prestigious "Social Excellence" granted by Itau Unicef; we were certified by CAFAmerica as an organization able to receive international donations; 2002 Received the Order of Merit by the Valuation of Life, given by the National Office Anti-Drug – SENAD.