Difference Makers International

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About Us

Difference Makers International is a not-for-profit educational organization 501(c)(3) founded in 1983. Whether you’re looking for prevention, intervention, recognition or acknowledgment Difference Makers International’s innovative “Who I Am Makes A Difference”™ workshops, programs, leadership training and products powerfully transform negativity and mediocrity into a world of possibility, pro-activity and prosperity. Our "Who I Am Makes A Difference"™ message has impacted over 30 million people worldwide and our Blue Ribbons are offered in 12 different languages.

OUR VISION: is that all people feel appreciated, respected, loved, are valued for their unique talents and empowered to reach their true potential. Please help us to reach our goal of 300 million people honored with a "Who I Am Makes A Difference"™ Blue Ribbon by 2020!

OUR MISSION: Difference Makers International is committed to: 1. Empowering and uniting Youth & Adults to Make A Difference where they work, live and learn. 2. Acknowledging those who are Difference Makers throughout the world. 3. Developing on-going support that creates & sustains positive social change for this generation and all generations to come.