Family Service Center of Galveston County

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2200 Market St
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About Us

Serving Galveston and the surrounding community since 1914, Family Service Center of Galveston County is a private, non-profit counseling agency that is dedicated to enhancing the potential for growth of individuals and families. Family Service Center strives to assist people in pursuing healthy, independent and fulfilling lives through the provision of counseling, education and related social services.

Family Service Center serves members of Galveston, Liberty and Chambers Counties regardless of age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual identity.

Scope of Service:

Family Service Center provides mental health services to individuals and families who have been affected by problems in living as well as traumatic life events that impact their ability to function as responsible and fully-functioning individuals, employees, parents, youth and community residents. As the landscape of Galveston County has changed since Hurricane Ike with poverty rates increasing on the island and in the county, Family Service Center has sought to remove barriers to accessing mental health care by increasingly providing crisis, individual, couples, family and group counseling services in community-based settings. The agency believes that the family whatever its configuration or unique financial, living, familial and cultural dynamics may be is the basic and essential institution that needs to be supported and strengthened so that children, youth and adults can pursue healthy, independent and fulfilling lives.