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About Us

About Children's Media Association

Children's Media Association (CMA) is a nonprofit organization comprised of professionals who are committed to creating and distributing thoughtful, entertaining media to children and young adults. CMA supports this community by producing educational events, promoting professional development, and helping our members to lead, innovate, and shape the future of children's media.

CMA provides...
  • Educational workshops and panels that help professionals develop and grow.
  • Professional seminars designed to help members develop skills critical for career growth.
  • Writer's group that gives members an ongoing opportunity to give and receive feedback from other writers.
  • Informal events that connect members personally and professionally across media and genres.
  • Newsletter that provides timely information on the children's media landscape and industry events.
  • Job board that connects members to jobs across the industry. Visit the Job Board.
  • Educational resources that provide insight and opportunities for on-going, self-directed learning.
Our Growing Mission

In recognition of the growing interest in social responsibility of media makers, CMA is looking to collaborate with its members and outside organizations to engage the general public and increase their awareness and interest in children's media. These activities will provide industry professionals, parents, and educators with the tools to make educated choices about the consumption of media created for children.

Children's Media Association affords its members opportunities to make a difference, hone their professional skills, stay on top of the job market, tap into industry events, and shape our legacy as the future leaders in the children's media industry.