St Johns United Church of Christ

  • PA


500 West Main Street
United States

About Us

Our Church began 128 years ago. Today our membership is made up of those with Reformed, Catholic, and diverse Protestant backgrounds, as well as those who were never members of a church. St. John's seeks to be faithful to the spirit and content of scripture and tradition in carrying out our ministry while remaining open to the new things God wants to do in our midst and in the world.

Our activities include: Bible Study, Healing Services, Prayer Group and Chain, Women's Guild Circles, Women's Monthly Retreat, Men's Group, Youth Group, Boy & Girl Scouts, Adventure Club, Parish Nursing Program, Counseling Services, HIV Support Group, AA, Veteran's Outreach, Prayer Shawl Ministry

The United Church Of Christ thinks it is time for religion with relevance. We're about justice, understanding and exploration. So no matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are invited to the United Church Of Christ and St. John's!