Julie's Family Learning Program

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133 Dorchester Street
South Boston
United States

About Us

Julie’s Family Learning Program is committed to the development of strong, healthy family functioning. The goals of the program encompass a commitment to break the cycle of poverty among low-income, at-risk families. We are committed to providing services that enable mothers and their children to become healthy, responsible, successful at life, and economically self-sufficient members of their communities. Julie’s believes that children and their parents have the capacity to respond to adverse personal circumstances and become self-sufficient if they have adequate education, life skills, emotional support, and job readiness skills. We believe that family cohesion and social interdependence are the foundations for educational success and financial self-sufficiency. By providing a stable, supportive environment that empowers families through education, counseling, advocacy, job training, and support, Julie’s successfully intervenes in the cycle of poverty to help families build a better future for themselves and their community.