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About Us

We planned community garden that is located on the property belonging to our church and located just behind “The Cottage”. Although the Trustees of the Lihue United Church have allowed the garden to be located on its property and contributes money towards its maintenance, it is not the church's intention to make this a “church” garden, but one that we hope will involve the Lihue Community at large.

Our sole purpose in cultivating organic vegetables and fruits is to supply the Fishes and Loaves Pantry at St. Michaels and All the Angels Church and The Food Bank, both located in Lihue, with as much wholesome, fresh produce as production allows. The Fishes and Loaves Pantry distributes food that will provide a balanced meal once a week to about a 100-125 families. The Coordinators of The Pantry do their best to provide as much wholesome food as they can, but their budget is funded by donations and current supplies from the Food Bank. This usually limits their distribution to canned and dried foods. The U.S. Government supplies milk products once a month. Grocery stores often donate some produce. However, it is the Lihue United Church's garden that provides the pantry with a consistent, healthy assortment of greens and other vegetables and herbs.

Volunteers Needed: It is only through donations and volunteers that the garden can continue to furnish vegetables to the food pantry. Volunteers can put as little, or as much time he or she desires. To share in the produce fo the garden, however, one must work in the garden at least two hours a week.

Volunteers are needed for a variety of things.

1. Seeding Trays: This is easily learned and will be taught any volunteer who is willing to take over this job once a week fro a couple of hours.

2. Weeding and mulching the soil.

3. Planting seeds directly into the soil or transplanting starts.

4. Tending to the compost - adding or pulling out the decomposed materials.

5. Planting the starts into the soil.

6. Helping harvest, wash or pack the vegetables Wednesday mornings from 7am - 9am.

7. Weed-eating around the garden.

8. Installing pipe for drains from the sinks.

9. Maintaining the grounds surrounding the garden.

People who cannot, or prefer to avoid heavy work, can sit and seed trays or help with thinning out seedlings.

Volunteers do not need any prior garden experience or knowledge.

WE can teach you how to garden organically.

9am to Noon, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

HOW TO APPLY: Call the Coordinator, Paula Cobb at 225 937 2934 or the Lihue United Church at 808 245 6253.