Teaching Drum Outdoor School

  • WI


7124 Military Road
Three Lakes
United States

About Us

The Teaching Drum is a Native Lifeway school. We offer courses in outdoor skills, conduct experiments in living archaeology and publish books on Native Lifeway. We are also a Circle of People in the process of returning to the Old Ways of Balance with all our relations - dedicated to living simply, and as close to our Earth Mother as possible. The school has two parts: the outdoor classroom, and the community and administrative center.

The School's purpose is to be a bridge between the modern and the ancient, to present the Old Ways wisdom and ways of living in Balance and Respect so that they can be applied to the healing of self and Earth. The School is to serve as an example of how to live in harmony with the Earth Mother, Sky Father, and All the Relations. We are not isolationist; rather we encourage connection with all of life.

We are the only place we know of where, in this day, you can spend an entire year in the Wilderness guided by an Elder who knows the forest like his backyard and the plants and animals as cherished friends.