Upstream USA

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1630 San Pablo Avenue
United States

About Us

Upstream USA is a dynamic, high-growth start-up nonprofit that is committed to reducing unplanned pregnancy across the United States. Our organization has the potential to deliver on one of the great public health and economic opportunity wins of our time. By empowering women to achieve their own goals and have children only if and when they want them, Upstream creates positive ‘downstream’ change for not only women, but also their partners, families, and society. We are revolutionizing healthcare access so that all women can conveniently obtain the full range of contraceptive methods, including implants and IUDs. Upstream grew quickly from its two founders in 2014 to almost 40 full-time employees and is on a path to 170 employees in the next three years.

Our long-term vision is to ensure that one day every child born in America is a planned-for and wanted child. Reducing the nearly three million unplanned pregnancies that occur annually in the U.S. will help women and men achieve their educational and economic goals, and eventually reduce inter-generational and child poverty.