Great African Achievers of Nigeria

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About Us

The Africa we know is rich, very rich in mineral and human resources. The environment is suitable for human development. The culture is rich as well. They had great history and inventions. They also had rules, regulations and principles guiding their way of life.

The Africa we know should be on geninue equality with other lands. But unfortunately, there are loads of barriers and problems blocking our way to success. Civilisation and even development is not entitled to some set of perople alone, rather, it’s a human phenomenon, Hunger, strife, lack of [atroitism, illiteracy are not meant to be a part of some people, but should be fought and casted out of the people’s life.

Yes, we understand that the Africa we know is dying of impending dangers, but the African youths are capable of restructuring Africa. The African youths can do this, they will do this. They shall empower and educate Africans. They shall boost the Africans’ morale, and reach for great heights

The major problems in Africa are: Cultural Imitation, Illiteracy, Bad Leadership And Followership, Lack of Patriotism and Self Confidence, HIV/Aids, Suspicion And Ethnic Wars, ICT Illiteracy. In spite of these problems, Africa still remain a distinguished land of rich human and mineral resources. This has given us a beacon of hope for we know that the ‘human resources therein’, will make a change. Not an ordinary change, but an hurricane of change known as revolution.