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About Us

Our mission statement:

Increase the number of people that survive lung cancer, improve the quality of life for lung cancer patients, advocate to end the stigma and raise awareness and education about the disease.

Our Values:

The New Enlgand Lung Cancer Project aims to serve lung cancer patients, their families and our local new england communities through compassion and support. We aim to educate the public about lung cancer in a way that will engage communities and encourage people to see lung cancer through a new perspective. We do not believe in preaching to folks to quit smoking as we do not believe that smoking is the only contributor to lung cancer. However, we will be of assistance to folks looking to quit. We do not believe in creating awareness about the disease through acts of scare tactics, anger, or agressive ads. We want everyone to feel welcomed, supported and encouraged to be a part of our community.

Lung cancer patients often feel blamed for their disease; the New England Lung Cancer Project hopes to eliminate this so that lung cancer patients and their famlies can feel supported and unified in their fight against lung cancer. No one should have to fight any illness in secrecy and isolation.

Our long-term goals:

  • We hope to eliminate the stigma associated with lung cancer through education and advocay campaigns.
  • We hope to provide financial funding for lung cancer patients who are struggling with financial hardships during their course of treatment.
  • We hope to be a support network for lung cancer patients and their families offering guidance where necessary.
  • We hope to fund local medical researchers in New England in their quest to find not only a cure but treatment options that will increase a patient's quality of life.

We hope for New England to become a unified community for lung cancer patients that can be replicated throughout the United States.