Lower East Side Preparatory High School

  • New York


145 Stanton Street
4th Floor
New York
New York
United States

About Us

Lower East Side Prep is a Title I, transitional bilingual transfer high school. Eighty-one percent of our student population - ages 17-21 years old- are recent immigrants and English language learners. The majority (52.5%) of our English language learners come from countries where Chinese languages are spoken. Our program continues to experience a significant increase in the number of Spanish-speaking students seeking English as a New Language (ENL) instruction - currently 20.16 % of our student population. Our Spanish-speaking English language learners come mostly, although not exclusively, from the Dominican Republic. Home languages of our other English language learners include Tibetan, Vietnamese, Arabic, French, French-Haitian Creole, and Bengali, Albanian, Amoy, Burmese, Thai, and Turkish.

Our intended outcome is to prepare all of our students with the language skills, cognitive skills, and content knowledge that will equip them for successful entry into post-secondary schooling and/or work environment.

Teachers have a hand in shaping the parameters in which they are making choices in the system. We are able to trust the teachers based upon greater belief on what they do. Who better to identify their needs and gaps? It’s a continuing dialogue that holds everyone involved accountable and everyone has a voice.

Instructionally, we hope to develop more trust and greater collaboration. Let’s talk about what we do, what we practice. Let's develop a common language and supports a greater focus on practice.

Our challenges include keeping staff in the loop from initial intake throughout the students’ time at LESP and giving students opportunities to share in the ownership of our school, while making them feel safe, as they learn about different cultures. Our challenge is to grow within each of them a need to be a life-long learner.