Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer

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United States

About Us

As a non-profit organization SMCAC aims to:

1. Create an interactive website that allows the Scientific and Medical community to add unbiased cancer information in real time.

2. The website will be provided, hard linked, at free SMCAC computer kiosks at chemotherapy clinics, radation clinics, and oncologist offices waiting rooms and treatment areas. This will provide patients and their familes free access to the SMCAC website.

3. The SMCAC website will have a social networking area that allows patients and their familes to meet other patients and families.

4. The SMCAC will develop into the premier site for providing the information and resources patients and their familes need and not complex corporate focused information.

5. Lastly, the SMCAC will be the touch point and home page for cancer scientists and medical professionals.