Our Circle

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About Us

Our Circle is a new voluntary organization dedicated to the active inclusion of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) persons of Belize. This group is an organization made up of LGBT members. Our Circle hosts events and discuss issues directly affecting not only our LGBT community, but as well our local communities.

The goal of Our Circle is to actively engage the Belizean community, in order to, develop further participation and LGBT awareness throughout our local communities.   Our Circle’s Vision is to be an LGBT centered organization focusing on creating positive change through the efforts of its community and its allies.   Our Circle's mission is the a community-led initiative committed to awareness and empowerment of the LGBT community by fostering active outreach and participation, in order to initiate affirmative change in the Belizean society.

Our Circle plans to achieve its goal through:
a.       conducting active community outreach projects
b.       creating LGBT awareness amongst fellow LGBTs and their allies
c.       highlighting and utilizing skills within the LGBT community
d.       initiating a support group for LGBT members and families