Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment

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201 4th St.
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About Us

Rose Foundation believes in the power of informed community involvement. We support grassroots initiatives to inspire community action to protect the environment, consumers and public health. To fulfill this mission, we:

  • Raise money to award as grants to qualified organizations.
  • Work directly in schools and in the community.
  • Engage in local, state and federal policy research and advocacy.

Within this broad range of activities, all of Rose's work revolves around one or more of the following strategic themes:

  • Build and maintain a bridge between the community and organized philanthropy.
  • Protect the natural environment, public health, and community and consumer rights.
  • Promote collaboration between labor, environmental, business, consumer and social interests.
  • Cultivate a new generation of environmental stewards and social policy leaders.
  • Respect the inalienable rights protected by our nation's constitution, and the essential human rights to clean air, clean water, and individual dignity and privacy.

Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment is a grantmaking public charity. Unlike a private foundation, we were not launched with a big endowment. Each year we have to raise the money that we give away as grants to community-based organizations or invest in our youth leadership and environmental justice programs. Our funding comes from donations, grants from other foundations, or legal restitution payments and cy pres funds.