TheraFit Gym for the disabled

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1111 Washington Road
United States

About Us

TheraFit Gym for the Disabled is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation located in Westminster.

Using specially designed and adapted equipment, including the Quadriciser (a Full Body MOTORIZED therapy equipment - our Certified Fitness Therapists provide individual customized fitness programs to restore movement and mobility for people of all ages with any type of disability that impedes motion and movement. We incorporate flexibility, endurance, and strength to fit the individuals ability.

We serve people of all ages with disabilities, including: spinal cord injury brain injury, stroke, paraplegia, quadriplegia, MS, CP, obesity and other debilitating aliments.

Our members also include seniors with conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart and lung disease and other age related complaints.

For more information about TheraFit Gym or the "Quadriciser" please call: Gina Gilligan TheraFit Gym for the Disabled 410-871-2494