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About Us

Soul Shoppe's mission is to create safe learning environments that bring forth a culture of compassion, connection, and curiosity- eliminating bullying at the roots. For over seventeen years, Soul Shoppe has worked with elementary and middle school students, helping them to get along better, to develop social and emotional skills, to manage emotions, and to resolve conflicts. Our presence in schools improves students’ self-regulation, boosts academic performance, enhances school climate, and prevents bullying. 

Soul Shoppe directly supports K-12 public education through our innovative, interactive, and highly effective programs that give the entire school community an experience of empathy, transforming the ways we see each other, making behavioral change a natural expression of learning rather than a new rule to follow. 

Our high quality programs utilize whole school assemblies, grade-level workshops, and classroom learning tools. We teach conflict resolution and communication tools and skills that help students connect with each other and share their feelings.  We use metaphors and stories that tap kids’ imaginations to teach them to handle their difficult feelings in healthy ways that don’t harm themselves or others. 

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