Society For Health, Environment & Womans' Development(SHEWD)

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Lalitpur, Thaiba

About Us

Organization Overview

The Society for Health Environment and Women's Development (SHEWD) is a non- government, not-for-profit organization working in Thaiba and Chandanpur. Since its founding in 1998, SHEWD has been dedicated to working for the interests of the poor in the community on issues of health, literacy, and women's empowerment.

Previous programs i) Sanitation Program: In a sanitation program conducted in the Lalitpur district, SHEWD members and volunteers cleaned area fields. This was done to encourage sanitary and environmentally positive behavior in fieldwork among the village farmers. SHEWD's aim is to make villagers aware of simple methods they can adopt in their daily lives to keep themselves healthy. ii) Village Conference on Environment: SHEWD organized a conference with villag

Current Activities: The SHEWD have two plan. The poorest women of Thaiba will be given an opportunity to earn and they are also made literate and With the help of the grant, we hope to graduate female and poor students to self-independent for job placement.

Computer training center: To meet the need for an affordable computer training school, SHEWD established Oracle with 5 computers in 1998 with collected funds from members and volunteers. The teachers serve for a minimum salary and the executive members serve voluntarily We are now conducting a computer training school named Oracle Computer School for the poor and disabled youth. The institute takes minimum fee from the trainees to cover the miscellaneous and other expenses. It has helped the educated unemployed youth to get the job opportunity. vi) Income Generating Program SHEWD is running an income-generating program for poor, illiterate, unemployed women at Thaiba VDC of lalitpur district by providing materials to knit. Women are working in the groups to share responsibilities and resources. Women's knitted products will be sold by mobilizing the local women through the assistance of SHEWD.